Our partner company Egssis NV is spreading their portfolio of services also to the Slovak grid.

On 01/01/2019 support for balancing on the Slovak grid (Eustream, NAFTA, POZAG, Distribucia, …) was added to egssPort. As a result, EGSSIS NV can now offer our clients the necessary software for shipping activities in the Slovak Republic.

EGSSIS has implemented support for the current entry/exit system but also for capacity contracts that still fall under the point to point regime.
Both have a separate balancing regime and separate nominations. From the point to point system it is possible to enter the NAFTA storage via the domestic point (DPST) as well. From the entry/exit system, Egssis naturally offers the ability to nominate to both POZAG & NAFTA storages and the distribution system via the domestic exit point (DPDS).

In case you’d like more information about all grids and services Egssis provides, send an email to contact@egssis.com or info@cee-service.com.

We never cease to expand our portfolio with new grids, so watch this space for future updates.