We are very proud to announce that CEE Services is a new partner of Egssis NV for Central and Eastern Europe.

Egssis NV is a Belgian service provider offering gas and power operations and software solutions with more that 10-year history. Among its clients such companies can be found as Axpo, Edison, Enoi and other well-known European companies.


Egssis offers 3 types of software as well as tailored solutions according to your needs:


Market communication software
Cosmos is our solution for gas and power messaging. It facilitates communication towards market operators and counterparties. The platform supports various market standards and interfacing protocols. Amongst others AS2/AS4, XML, APIs with Gemini (UK) and Gasport B2B (NL).

egssPort Gas

Gas shipping software
egssPort Gas is our software used for nomination and balancing of gas portfolios. Whether physical or only trade, egssPort supports gas markets across Europe, including Fluxys, GTS, NetConnect, GASPOOL, National Grid, GRTgaz, TIGF and more.

egssPort Power

Power scheduling software
egssPort Power is our solution for nomination towards TSOs in the power market. The scheduling tool handles amongst others the communication with Elia, EPEX spot Belgium (formerly Belpex), TenneT, Amprion, 50Hertz, ELEXON and stores the online metering of end users where available.

See more on www.egssis.com.